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Empowering parents to learn the art of play in order to enhance your child's development!

Play4Purpose Pediatrics is a business based on the principles of occupational therapy. Occupational therapy is the use of interventions/therapeutic activities to assist individuals with developing, maintaining or increasing independence with meaningful everyday "occupations." Although most people associate the word "occupation" with job or work, "occupations" are also everyday activities including ADLs (activities of daily living) such as eating and dressing, education, social participation, leisure, sleep/rest and IADLs (instrumental activities of daily living) such as grocery shopping or paying bills. When it comes to children their most important occupation is PLAY!  

Play is an essential skill that all children need to incorporate in their daily lives. Play lays the foundation for a child's motor skills, social skills, language skills and emotional regulation. However due to a multitude of reasons (birth history, environment, congenital abnormality, etc.) some children lack the ability to play in meaningful ways. Inability to play is a risk to the child because it can lead to delays in multiple areas of development.  

Play 4 Purpose Pediatrics prides itself on offering occupational therapy services as well as resources, strategies and tips to help parents who have children in the early childhood stages to help their little ones overcome obstacles so that they can effortlessly engage in the occupation of "PLAY!"


Meet the Founder: AshtheOT!

Hey There! I'm Ashley also known as AshtheOT! It's so nice to meet you. I can't wait to work with you and your little one! 

I am here to help parents by giving you the tools you need to help your child learn and participate in everyday activities whether that's at home, school or out in the community.

I am a pediatric occupational therapist based out of the state of IL. I have experience working in multiple settings including outpatient hospitals, private clinics, schools, daycares and Early Intervention. I work with children of Neurotypical development as well as children with Autism, Developmental Delays, Sensory Processing Disorder and much more. My areas of focus include helping children increase independence with self-care/daily living skills, fine motor & visual motor skills, sensory processing and self-regulation.

Besides offering in-home and teletherapy occupational therapy services I can also be found on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook where I love to provide valuable information and strategies to help parents become the expert of their own child. It is my mission to provide parents the tools they need in order to help their child learn, grow and make progress in their little lives! 



"Ashley is a MIRACLE in the healthcare industry! She is FABULOUS with children! We saw a major improvement in our child in only a few weeks. She connected with our child at the first appointment and our child looks forward to seeing her every week. We are so happy with her progress and our child... we will be sad when the therapy sessions are no longer needed. We LOVE Ashley!!"

K. S.

"I sought out services and advice from Ashley because my son had A LOT of energy and it was very hard for him to sit down and attend to fine motor and non-preferred activities. Ashley was SO collaborative and supportive. I always knew she was in our corner and she helped with whatever she could to help our son succeed. It was very obvious that she took her time to listen to what was going on and learn his strengths/development areas and come up with strategies to help vs. a canned solution. I also could tell that she truly cared about our son and our family in general- and that meant so much to us. My only regret is that we didn't have more time together! Darn COVID!


"Before Ashley became my child's OT, we struggled with how to help our son improve and grow. After working with Ashley, he is now able to do almost everything on his own and he really uses his right side super well now. Our son loved Ashley and we did too! She was always so fun and happy! She went above and beyond our expectations."


Art Fun

Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills

Does your child have trouble with the following?

  • Picking up small objects

  • Using their hands appropriately to play with toys

  • Tiny hands being too weak to interact with objects properly

  • Holding a pencil/crayon correctly

  • Handwriting/scissor use

  • 2 handed skills such as holding a ball

  • Figuring out puzzles/shape sorters


Sensory Processing

Any of these things sound familiar?

  • My child bounces off the walls

  • My child has trouble with touching different textures such as his/her food

  • My child appears lazy and unmotivated

  • My child is a picky eater

  • My child constantly puts things in his/her mouth

  • My child hates loud noises 

  • My child does not like movement such as swings and slides at the playground

  • My child has poor balance


Social/Emotional Regulation

I need help with...

  • Learning and teaching my child ways to calm down

  • Helping my child learn about emotions

  • Teaching my child social skills such as how to play with others, get along with siblings/peers, share & take turns

  • Deciding whether my child's actions are more behavior or sensory related

Bath Time

Self-Care Skills

I wish my child was more independent with...

  • Dressing

  • Hygiene 

  • Grooming 

  • Self-Feeding


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