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Welcome to Play4Purpose Pediatrics

Play4Purpose Pediatrics is an occupational therapy based business that focuses on enhancing the development of children in the early stages of life. When it comes to children their most important occupation is PLAY! Play lays the foundation for children’s motor skills, social skills, sensory development, emotional regulation and daily living skills. Play 4 Purpose Pediatrics prides itself on offering occupational therapy based services and strategies for parents and therapists in order to help children in the early childhood stages overcome obstacles and improve their quality
of life!

Meet the Founder: AshtheOT!

Hey there! I'm Ashley, also known as AshtheOT. I am a pediatric occupational therapist with experience working in multiple settings including outpatient hospitals, private clinics, schools, daycares and Early Intervention. I work with neurotypical and neurodivergent children. I have experience working with children who have autism, developmental delays, and sensory processing disorder. My areas of focus include helping children increase independence with self-care/daily living skills, fine motor & visual motor skills, sensory processing and self-regulation. I also enjoy mentoring fellow occupational therapists who work with children in the Early Intervention program. I can be found on YouTube and Instagram where I love to provide valuable information and strategies to help parents and therapists work with children. It is my mission to share tools and knowledge with parents and therapists so as a team we can help as many children as possible make progress in their little lives!

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"Ashley is a MIRACLE in the healthcare industry! She is FABULOUS with children! We saw a major improvement in our child in only a few weeks. She connected with our child at the first appointment and our child looks forward to seeing her every week. We are so happy with her progress and our child... we will be sad when the therapy sessions are no longer needed. We LOVE Ashley!!"

K. S.

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Art Fun

Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills

Does your child have trouble with the following?

  • Picking up small objects

  • Using their hands appropriately to play with toys

  • Tiny hands being too weak to interact with objects properly

  • Holding a pencil/crayon correctly

  • Handwriting/scissor use

  • 2 handed skills such as holding a ball

  • Figuring out puzzles/shape sorters

Sensory Processing

Any of these things sound familiar?

  • My child bounces off the walls

  • My child has trouble with touching different textures such as his/her food

  • My child appears lazy and unmotivated

  • My child is a picky eater

  • My child constantly puts things in his/her mouth

  • My child hates loud noises 

  • My child does not like movement such as swings and slides at the playground

  • My child has poor balance


Social/Emotional Regulation

I need help with...

  • Learning and teaching my child ways to calm down

  • Helping my child learn about emotions

  • Teaching my child social skills such as how to play with others, get along with siblings/peers, share & take turns

  • Deciding whether my child's actions are more behavior or sensory related

Self-Care Skills

I wish my child was more independent with...

  • Dressing

  • Hygiene 

  • Grooming 

  • Self-Feeding

Bath Time

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