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Professional Services

AshtheOT offers you the following:


Services for Parents: Consultations

If you are unsure if your child would benefit from Occupational Therapy services or you need some assistance but are not ready to commit to therapy/treatment sessions, I can consult with you to determine what would be the best route for you and your child. Contact me today to schedule your consultation!


Online Resources

Feel free to check out my online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram 


Services for Therapists: Mentorship

Are you interested in working with children in the early stages of life but unsure how to go about it? Are you interested in working in Early Intervention but need some guidance along the way? Are you a new grad who has been told they should not work in Early Intervention but you feel in your heart this is what you are meant to do? Are you a seasoned OT who would love to make the switch to pediatrics, but not sure if you would be a good fit? Contact me today to schedule your consultation!

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